Export settings from vRops

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Have you ever wanted to export settings from vRops, either as a form of backup or to migrate to another installation? Then you know how cumbersome it can be to find all the settings and export them one by one and also remembering to get it all. To help me get this task done I have created this Powershell script which uses the vRops API to export the settings to xml files which can be easily be imported if or when needed. The list of settings being exported: ActionDefinitions AlertDefinitions AlertPlugins Authentication Sources Email Templates GlobalSettings Groups, their role and […]

vRops vMotion Super Metric

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Were onsite at a customer, and they were discussing if it was possible to see in vRops when a vMotion occurred. I told them that there were no such metric or property in vRops, but I knew a way to see when ever a vMotion had occurred. The way it works is by looking, on a virtual machine at the “OS Uptime” and “System Uptime” metrics. The rule is rather simple. If “OS uptime” is not below 300, ie. the OS has not been started/rebooted within the last 300 seconds and the “System uptime” is 300 or less the VM […]

Custom DDNS on Ubiquiti USG

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Been using Ubiquiti in the lab for more than a year now. Really like this simplicity of operations, but at the same time I have full access to the linux alike OS underneath. This gives you the possibility to run scripts and other tasks. Which brings me to what this blog post is all about. I have an ISP which charges extra for having a static IP address and me being lazy and cheap (Also it would be more than the monthly cap I have from work), I have not “upgraded” to a static IP. So I thought why not […]

Using Ubiquiti AC Pro as a wireless bridge

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It has been quite some time since my last blog post, lots of reasons for that. One being the family and I took six weeks off to go travelling around Thailand. My first visit to Thailand and I must said it was wonderful. I only wished I had more time each place we stayed. There was so much to see and do. Also it was a lot of fun for the kids, which are now three and five years old. We got to snorkel, not as much as I have hoped though. We bought full face masks, and what a […]

vRops: VM placement advisory

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This is going to be a short blog. I just want to draw your attention to some new metrics (At least I have not noticed them until vRops 6.6). These seen below are available on clusters and tells you if there are room for more VMs are not. The metric is called “Is Green For Placement” and simply gives you a value of 0 or 1, which equals to false or true. So if “Is Green For Placement” is 1 or true, it means that there is room for more VMs else the value would be 0 or false. Pretty […]

vRops dashboard – Host Network Connectivity Insight

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I’m working with some large customers. One of the problems with scaling IT, is the disjoint between knowing what the IT landscape looks like and thinking you know what it look like. Or put in other words, the large an organization the less every employs knows about one another’s doings. This creates gaps between IT teams. Network may know how they setup the network, but they might not know what the server team plugged into their network. Exactly such an issue one of my customers had. Every time a vlan was missing from a vlan truck or another network problem […]

[Danish] ArrowPodcast episode 002 og 003 er ude

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Episode #2 Så har Arrow Blogger Board og jeg optaget en podcast igen. Denne gang er det blevet til en opsummering af VMworld. Hvad var nyt, hvad var godt og hvad fik vi tiden til at gå med. Denne gang er Kim Tholstorf fra VMware også med på podcasten og der bliver bland andet snakket om VMware Cloud on AWS, Wavefront and Horizon. Kim kommer også ind på spændende produkter som VMware AppDefense, som et et nyt sikkerhedsværktøj fra VMware. Følgende deltager fra Arrow Blogger Board var med denne gang udover mig selv, Frank Brix Pedersen, Rasmus Haslund og Terkel […]

VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 3

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Last day at VMworld! Wow, it has been some crazy days, quite tried now. After a good nights sleep I was up early and left the hotel at 8, to get to VMworld. I only had two session planed before heading home again. One session was with my colleague Heino Skov, around how to monitor and operate a multi cloud environment. The other were an VMware Cloud On AWS architectural session.   Let me start with the first one. Besides Heino, Marteinn Sigurdsson and Ryan Fay. Heino talked about how he is using tools like vRops and Log Insight, both […]

VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 2

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After the disappointing key note  the day before, I did not rush to get to VMworld or the general session. My employer Proact were hosting an lunch event later that day and I had a brief 15 min presentation on vRNI and how Proact use it with customers and why you need this form of visibility into your NSX and physical network environment. So I instead stay in my hotel room preparing for the presentation and took a cab directly to the restaurant hosting the lunch event. The venue for this event was great just up a mountain road overlooking […]

VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 1

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This is day one – I can only feel a slight disappointment, that there were no major announcement. Let me start by recapping the day… I started in VMVillage where I found a coach and moved it in front of on of the big screens. Comfortably watching the general session, but what a disappointment, a copy of US general session and no major announcements. HCX a new product was announced, I am very much looking forward to seeing how this shapes up and how it stacks up against Zerto’s offering. It looks very much like a Zerto clone, but lets […]