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Getting the Log Insight agent

This is just a short post on how to get access to the Log Insight agent. I recently found out that there is a neat way of getting the agent directly from the Log Insight server. Instead of downloading from the Log Insight server and then uploading the agent to a new device. Now you can simply download it directly.

These are the urls you need dependent on which type of package you need.

RPM: https://LogInsight/api/v1/agent/packages/types/rpm
DEB: https://LogInsight/api/v1/agent/packages/types/deb
BIN: https://LogInsight/api/v1/agent/packages/types/bin
MSI: https://LogInsight/api/v1/agent/packages/types/msi


Using Linux and curl to download the agent with, the command would look like this:

curl -o /tmp/liagent-current.rpm https://LogInsight/api/v1/agent/packages/types/rpm



Lastly if you want to download and install it right away this could be done like this:

curl -o /tmp/liagent-current.rpm https://LogInsight/api/v1/agent/packages/types/rpm; rpm -Uvh /tmp/liagent-current.rpm


Hope this save you some troubles and some time.

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