Using Ubiquiti Networks in the home and lab

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I first deployed Ubiquiti networks (Ubnt) equipment around twelve month ago. The Cisco SMB access point I had bought, never really lived up to my expectations, and I had now gotten so fed up with it that a new solution was needed. Looking around people was talking and recommending Ubiquiti’s access points. At the time the Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro has not been released yet. So I waited some time for it to come in stores and bought two at the same time. This was only the beginning after that success, two other Ubiquiti product has entered my home and […]

NordicVMUG is coming up

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It that time of the year again. It getting cold outside and you need to find the warmth, what better place to go than NordicVMUG and be in the good company of peer nerds. Once again this year, the agenda is packed with cool sessions. There are three types for speakers at these events, peer nerds (like Nicolai Sandager, Simon Eady and me), VMware Tech marketing people (like Cormac Hogan, Duncan Epping and Mike Foley) and sponsors (too many to list), which is how this event stays free of charge for all. The agenda can be found here Highlights I […]

I’m speaking at Nordic UserCon 2015

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Nordic UserCon 2015 is coming up fast, less then a month now. If you haven’t already seen the agenda, have a look here at my previous blog post. I’m holding a session about vRops. The title is vRops Operational Deep Dive – So I’m not going to talk about xDB, vPostgres or Cassandra, as I don’t wanna do a techinal deep dive. In my opinion, vRops is a product where you shoudn’t really care about how it works. Just know it works, how to deploy it and how to use it. This is after all the operational side of things I’m […]

Rumor has it

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That I will be joining an awsome team at Proact. You shouldn’t listen to rumors, but this time around it all true. As of the 1th of December I will be a part of Team Proact. I will be joining such well know people as Mads Fog, Nicolai Sandager and Heino Skov. My role will be as a Cloud Architect. One of the reasons for joining Proact, is their focus. Two key aspects where this is true is PHC, Proact Hybrid Cloud and their focus on the journey to the SDDC or Software Defined Data Center. So there is a […]

Nordic VMUG UserCon – Be there or be square

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It’s once again time for Nordic VMUG UserCon, the largest VMware event in the Nordic and once again we welcome our Nordic brothers and sisters to a day packed with sessions, fun and mingling with fellow geeks and the like . The agenda is already live, only the sponsor sessions are now a mystery. You can check out the agenda here. Agenda I will do a brief recap of how the agenda looks from my point of view. First speaker is Paul Strong, I have never been in the audience when Paul has been speaking, so can’t really say much more, then […]

New challenges

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After working around ten years in the public sector I have now moved on, and from the 1th of June I now work at Nordea, which is a large financial corporation in Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe. This have made me contemplate what I’ve been through the last years. Which is some thing I often forget to do in the heat of the battle, trying to push onward. It has at times seemed like nothing was possible and that everything has been at a complet standstill. Luckily this isn’t the case, and in this first post I’ll give a […]

Nordic VMUG coming up

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In about a months time the Nordic VMUG is on, this is the second time its to beheld and as last year it going to beheld at Bella Center. So mark the date, the 20th of November and go register at the end of this post. The agenda is nothing less then awesome, a mini VMworld if you will, with the who’s who of VMware and vendors. Just to name a few Frank Denneman(PernixData),  Kamau Wanguhu, Duncan Epping, Chris Wahl,(Wahl Network), Paudie O’Riordan and as vendors go major plays will be both at the exhibitor area and on stage, companies like Pernix Data, Veeam, Brocade, Cisco, […]

Your VMUG needs you

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Your VMUG needs you The Nordic VMUG event is soon to beheld and for this your community needs YOU – After two VMworld events were vendors and vmware guys and gals havde done there best to make you fork money at them, it time to stop selling and start learning, and nothing is better than hearing what the community is doing with this cool tech. We want to hear from you, what have you been up to? – Virtualized AIX with your own real time compiler, build some thing awesome you just have share, or are you just a lone sys […]

First post

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Some thoughts about why i’m here… So I’ve come to the conclusion that i do have something of value to share… It that it wasn’t easy – but one some times need a push and with is many great VMware bloggers, it can seem that theirs not a market for one more blogger, blogging about VMware.   But after much nagging Frank Brix finally got me convinced – Thanks buddy   So what i’m i going to fill this blog with – well i guess most of the work that i’m doing on a daily basis, so what is to […]