vRops API consumed with Powershell

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vRops have been out for sometime now, and a lot of new features have been added, not to talk about a whole new user interface experience. The future looks bright for vRops. Another great feature is a REST / RESTful api. This what I’m going to talk a bit about, and more so show vRops API consumed with Powershell. First thing to know is how to get a hold of the vRops API and the documentation for it, and if you should wish to use it, there’s also a java and python client. I prefer to use a plugin for Firefox […]

How I stopped worrying and love vShield Endpoint

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Antivirus gone bad with a little help from vShield Endpoint This was all the rage some years ago, offloading antivirus operation from the OS to the hypervisor with a little help from vShield Endpoint. To be honest I really like the idea. But after what I went through I would think twice before doing it again. Not saying it’s a bad solution, but the way the vendor implemented their own solution begs for questioning, why on earth?! Don’t they even know their own solution. The history goes… Like I said offloading antivirus with vShield Endpoint and scanning all vms at the […]

New challenges

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After working around ten years in the public sector I have now moved on, and from the 1th of June I now work at Nordea, which is a large financial corporation in Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe. This have made me contemplate what I’ve been through the last years. Which is some thing I often forget to do in the heat of the battle, trying to push onward. It has at times seemed like nothing was possible and that everything has been at a complet standstill. Luckily this isn’t the case, and in this first post I’ll give a […]

vMotion fails at 14%

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I was in the process of upgrading all the hosts in a cluster, I was down to the last two in the cluster, when the last few VMs failed during the vMotion. vMotion fails at 14%, operation timed out. I tried a few things but no matter what the VMs failed. So I had two host, host A had one VM left on it and host B had four VMs. Both of them started out with having about twenty VMs each on them. So what had happen… Had vMotion so how “broken down”, was there something wrong on the network, […]

Changing IP address of Log Insight Master node

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During a POC of Log Insight which has been long running, features of Log Insight have evolved. From a single node, to clustered nodes and now to have an internal loadbalancer. As a lot of devices are logging to the ip address of the first node, which has evoled into the master of a cluster. It seemed easiere to just change the ip address of the master node and set the master node’s old IP address to that of the ILB, than to change the syslog setting on all devices which are logging to Log Insight (Note if you only […]

50% Discount on VCP-NV

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VMware has just announced, they are running a 50% off campaign on VCP-NV exam. This is great news for all interested in learning and get certified in the new NSX certification track. The discount is valid through June 30, 2015, so there is still some time to get ready for the exam.   The Path to VCP-NV There’s the usual requirements for taking the exam(with a small exception): 1) Not VCP certified – Take a NSX course 2) Current VCP – No course requirement 3) Current Cisco Certified – Verify your certification and your are good to go. By the way if you […]