VMUGDK Presentation – PowerShell: From Zero To Hero

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Hi all Did a presentation on Powershell yesterday and only got around halfway through, before I ran out of time. I have publish the entire thing on github if anyone want a peak at what I talk or didn’t. No powerpoint just powershell code. The presentation is an attempt to start slow and end up where modules and functions gets built. https://github.com/MichaelRyom/VMUGDK-12-2022   Enjoy

Part 3: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D 2 years later

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TOC Part 1: The NUC killer: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8DPart 2: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D deep divePart 3: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D 2 years later So it is more than two years since I posted my first blog about the E300-8D and why I bought SuperMicro over an Intel NUC. It’s about time for an update and an upgrade of the home lab. How has it been Before I jump into all the new stuff. Let me look at how it has been the last two years with the SuperMicro server in the lab. It has been excellent, no issues at all I […]

vRops 7.5 Active Directory authentication fails

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vRops 7.5 has been out little over two weeks now and from the looks of it, its an epic release with so many improvements and a great deal of new and exciting features. I have upgraded a few environments with no problems at all and then last week yet another one got upgraded. As it does most times the upgraded went fine and the pre-upgrade bundle had no changes which would affect the customers environment. I then went to the login page, to try to login to vRops. Selected the Active Directory source, typed my credentials and hit the login […]

PernixData Log Insight Content pack

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Better late than never right! So for all you still running the now extinct PernixData FVP. Here is a Log Insight content pack, which can help you troubleshooting any issues you might experience. There is not a lot to say about it. Since I created it I might as well share it, just in case someone else might be using PernixData FVP still. The zip file can be downloaded over at github. Extract the vlcp file and import it into Log Insight.   https://github.com/MichaelRyom/PernixData-LogInsight-Content-Pack

Log Insight content pack for HPE OA

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This content pack as been living a quiet life over at loginisght.vmware.com for quite some time now and it is now ready to enter the main stage. Or at least I found the time to write about it. I love Log Insight, it is the one product from VMware, that YOU can truly enhance day by day. It just keeps growing and getting better and better with the more time you invest in it. It not even a lot of time that is needed, just enough so that you get to understand the structure of the log and can setup […]

A general runtime error occurred – Adding vSAN Witness node

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I have just reinstalled my homelab. vCenter deployed on a new vSAN datastore and a second host added to my small 2-node vSAN cluster. Only thing missing was adding the vSAN witness node, and I would be ready for business. Right click “add host”, type in IP. Click next. Type username and password, next. error! A general runtime error occurred. What the, what! What does that even mean! Next deploy Log Insight, there must be a clue in the logs some where… nothing! Arrrggg! So I remembered having issues last time as well. What was it… can’t remember… Well I […]

Conditional DNS Forwarding on USG

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I have a simple network and lab setup and I really do not want to make it too complicated. DNS is controlled by a Ubiquiti USG; The same a the default gateway. Classic set up so far. When running a homelab I need to have some form of DNS server I can control and add DNS records to. The USG does to day not support that role, hopefully in the future it will, but for now I need another solution. As I would like my lab to mimic a enterprise setup I need Active Directory for authentication. So it makes […]

Alternative to VDS Health Check

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If you have a large environment or a lot of VLANs you know that running with VDS Health check on, is not an option. This is due to the way VDS Health check works. It will sent out one packet per uplink per VLAN. Meaning if you have two uplinks and 20 VLAN, it will send out a total of 40 packets for that one host. Which is not that bad, but now scale it up to the kind of people which usually have and need the distributed switch and the number of VLANs is likely to be triple digit […]

A road warriors wifi

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This blog post comes to you from warm and azure blue waters of Côte d’Azur – That is the French Riviera. All thought that is not important and I really do not consider my self a road warrior, I have been and am traveling more than enough to be extremely annoyed about the conditions and limitations of wifi all over the world. Even here in France, which I consider to be a country of a fairly high living standard, superb cooking and lovely wines and of course Champagne, but still the wifi, internet or 4G always seems to sucks. Of […]

New challenges

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Once again I find my self in the situation where I have not blogged in what seems like ages, around four month now. Once again for every good reasons, besides the occasional travel and vacation. Just got home from three weeks in France with the family. It is not like I have not tried, I simple have not finished all the open blog post I have yet, this one will make the exception. So I am looking forward to a fall of more blogging and as the title says new challenges. Goodbye This also means a goodbye to Proact, my […]