My vRops VMUG Presentation

Hi all

It has been a busy two weeks since I started working for Proact¬†and did my presentation titled “vRops 6 Operational Deep Dive” at the Nordic UserCon in Copenhagen. Like I said it has been some busy days – For that reason I haven’t found the time to put up the presentation. I will now correct that. I know that this isn’t the same as having been there, but some might do a quick recap and others might find some new questions to ask.

I did some demoing, some on a local environment on my laptop and the rest was done using VMware’s hands-on-labs. The labs I used was “HOL-SDC-1602 vSphere with Operations Management 6: Advanced Topics” in which Custom Datacenter and workload placement can be tested, among other things.


If you like to know more about vRops, see some of my previous posts here


Download Presentation:

vRops 2015 Presentation (PPTX) – vRops 6 Operational Deep Dive



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