vRops: VM placement advisory

This is going to be a short blog. I just want to draw your attention to some new metrics (At least I have not noticed them until vRops 6.6). These seen below are available on clusters and tells you if there are room for more VMs are not. The metric is called “Is Green For Placement” and simply gives you a value of 0 or 1, which equals to false or true. So if “Is Green For Placement” is 1 or true, it means that there is room for more VMs else the value would be 0 or false. Pretty simple. There is one very good reason for using vRops and this metric to see if there is room to deploy more VMs and it is, that it is all based upon your policy for each cluster. Meaning that even though you have clusteres which shall be monitored differently, these metrics are still valid. All you need to do is make sure your policy is created according to your business requirements.

One Metric to rule them all

Think of it this way if you need to automate your VM deployment. You would only need to ask vRops for one(!) metric in order to know where you can VMs to. This makes the automation of VM deployments so much easier. Do note that the values are also available for CPU and memory in a negated format. Meaning here 0 is good and 1 is bad. As can be seen below, at the same time as “Is Green For Placement”, goes south. The two “Is Workload non-green” goes north.


I hope you can see the clear value in being able to deploy VMs and find available resources by just querying one metric in vRops per cluster. Think of all the possible applications and questions you need not to answer. Now it is possible to clearly and distinctly say whether there is room for more VMs or not, as easy is pie.

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