vRops upgrade path

This is just a quick guide to the vRops upgrade path. I work a lot with vRops in different aspects. As of late I have been running in to a few environments which has not kept up with vRops’s release cycle. Needles to say vRops has come a long way from 5.8 or 6.0. Last week vRops 6.5 was release and once every quarter(or so) a new release will come out. In that sense, it is good to know how to upgrade from one release of vRops to the next or more so to the latest.

vRops does not require you to install all of the releases one at a time. You can skip some releases and others you have to use as a stepping stone to get to the newest release. Luckily it is not that complicated.

vRops upgrade path

For vRops installations running vRops 6.2 and prior you need to upgrade to 6.2.1, before going forward. vRops 6.2.1 is a stepping stone to get to the latest release. Are you already on vRops 6.2.1 or newer? All you have to do is simply upgrade your vRops installation with the latest binaries. It is as simple as that. So now that you know, how. Why not take advantage of the new and cool features which have been released since you last upgraded.

I know I have already upgraded the first vRops environment to 6.5. In the coming weeks I’m sure more will follow. One of the cool new features are four node clusters with extra large nodes. This should help customers which have hosts with lots of memory and many cores.

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ps. if you are still running vCops 5.x your path is to go to 5.8 and then migrate to 6.0. Before you follow the upgrade path. As it can be some what cumbersome to do. Also note that you could just install vRops 6.5 and start collecting data and in six month time you will have all the data you could want for analysis and historical tracking. You can run multiple vRops/vCops installations side by side and collect data from the same vCenter. So it is dead simple to do.

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