VMworld 2017 Europe – Day -3

As I’m writing this I’m still at home. Haven’t finished packing. Well I have emptied my pockets in my jacket and cleaned out in my l aptop bag, but the suite case is still 100% empty. Just put the kids to bed and gonna go downstairs to have dinner with my wife.

I’m flying in tomorrow. There will be plenty of time to pack tonight. Touch down in BCN is around 14:00, before it all goes down. I’m hoping to have time to write a blog post everyday during VMworld. Only time will tell if I actually pulls this of or if it end up being somewhat readable 🙂

But before all the mayhem starts, I wanted to share some of my scheduling and also some of the cool sessions where you can still get in and have a look at some of the stuff VMware is working on.



Arriving in Barcelona 14:00, a trip to the hotel and I guess some lunch.

After that there is Nordic & Baltic Partner briefing and vRockStar Party – lets see where and when the night ends



Monday is partner day. I’m going to mostly look at VMware Cloud On AWS sessions and what else good there might come my way 🙂

Later that day I’m going Catamaran sailing with Arrow ECS in the harbour followed by dinner. This is closed event, which I’m very much looking forward to.

After that Cohesity is throwing a rooftop party at Hotel Claris. If you have not signed up yet, there is still a change to do so here: http://events.cohesity.com/cohesityrooftopparty



Here is were VMworld really starts. Watching general session is a must! I only have a few sessions booked for the day, but I am so looking forward to them.

vSphere: Next Generation Lifecycle

Deep dive into ESXi lifecycle challenges (VUM, Host Profile, Auto Deploy, HCL, firmware…) and co-create solutions. (60 mins)

It is possible to schedule a session for this event at https://calendly.com/vsphere-lifecycle/eu/09-11-2017

VMware Cloud on AWS

Explore designs for VMware Cloud on AWS.  Topics include getting started, billing, hybrid link mode, workload migration, and more.  60 minutes.  NDA required.

Still seats available at https://calendly.com/vmcdesign/barcelona/09-11-2017

The Top 10 Things to Know About vSAN [STO1264BE]

I’m expecting a top 10 session from Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan! vSAN is the one thing everyone wants to talk about.


After the the evening gets a bit packed. There is “Welcome reception”, “Nordic & Baltic get-together reception”, vExpert party and Veeam’s notorious party is going to end the night.

The Veeam party is no longer available for registration, so unless you have already registered or got good connections your are not come in 🙁



Again the day starts with general session. After that my employer Proact is hosting a lunch event at Terraza Martinez. This is an by invitation only event and It is already fully booked. I am going to talk about vRNI and how we use it to help customers do micro segmentation or move there workload from on-prem to a cloud provider. Be that Proact Hybrid Cloud, AWS or where ever the customer wants. When that done I am hoping to get back to VMworld for my next session.

VMware Cloud on AWS: A Technical Deep Dive [LHC2384BE]

After sitting in on a VMConAWS session the day before, I glad to jump in the deep end on VMware Cloud on AWS. Next session is also a deep dive 🙂


vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 2 [SER1872BE]

If you have not bought Frank Denneman and Niels Hagoort‘s VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive book you really should. It helps you better understand how host hardware and vSphere software works together. This is another session which I am exception to be a top 10 session at VMworld.


As for the evening, VMworld party is what on tonight. For me it ends with dinner again with Arrow ECS and the night end with “Nordic VMworld After party”. By then I am sure I am also pretty beat.



Lets hope the previous days has not been too rough on me. I start with my first session 10:30, hopefully plenty of time for me to get out if bed 🙂

Real World IT Gurus Share Their Perspective on Operations Management for the Multicloud Era [MGT1218PE]

Not sure if this session is still on – Might get cancelled, time will tell. More time for solution exchange or hands on labs.


VMware Cloud on AWS: An Architectural and Operational Deep Dive [LHC3174BE]

This is the last session for me at this VMworld. Finishing VMworld with an overview of VMware Cloud on AWS.


All there is left is to catch the bus back to the airport and fly back home. Really tried and hopefully a little wiser.


By the way there are more sessions with VMware on different products. If you are interested in having a closer discussion around VMware products. Have a look and sign up for the session which suites you. Personally I would have loved to be in the vRops session, but 8:00 is not my best time of the day 🙂




That is all for me today. Hope to see you all at VMworld tomorrow and the coming day.


/Michael Ryom


VMworld 2017


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