VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 2

After the disappointing key note  the day before, I did not rush to get to VMworld or the general session. My employer Proact were hosting an lunch event later that day and I had a brief 15 min presentation on vRNI and how Proact use it with customers and why you need this form of visibility into your NSX and physical network environment. So I instead stay in my hotel room preparing for the presentation and took a cab directly to the restaurant hosting the lunch event.

The venue for this event was great just up a mountain road overlooking the harbour and the city of Barcelona. I was there early so I had a change of walking around a taking in the view and the garden which was located between the restaurant Terraza Martinez and the hotel Miramar. If you need some tranquillity while staying in Barcelona I highly recommend taking a trip up here and take in the scenery and the great foods and wine you can get here.


After the presentation was done, lunch was served. Tapas and local dishes, all very excellent, together with wine and cava – Again I high recommend to get there and enjoy what they have to offer. When we were done eating, some went back to VMworld in a bus and some stayed behind.

I stayed behind as well, chatting with people, we ended staying there till around 18:30 before getting back to the hotel. Just before that I grabbed a few oysters and another glass of cava. I great lunch event which ended up lasting almost the entire day for me.

Unfortunately for me that meant that I missed two of the sessions I was registered for. An AWS deep dive session and Frank Denneman and Niels Hagoot’s host resource deep dive as well. Hopefully some one else got a change at getting into the session instead of me 😉


The night ended for me with dinner at Windsor. Another event created by Arrow ECS. Again really great food, some said the best they had at VMworld! Personally I preferred the food at our lunch event better, but nevertheless it was fantastic to get such a great piece of meat. Some when on to join the Nordic VMworld after party. I went home to bed, it has been some long days.

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