VMworld 2017 Europe – Day -1

We with all the talking and alcohol consumption, I forgot to eat enough 🙁 Today was tough!

I got a little later than expected to the conference center. Checked in which went fast and walked down to Hall 8. On the way I met numerous people, had a chat with a few of them, making me late for the session is was aiming for, before finally bouncing into my colleague Heino Skov. Being late and all I joined him and went back to the VMvillage where we went hunting for power outlets. Note to VMware, we are not in the US, most of us do not bring a UK/US adapter with us when going to a EU country. The few power outlet with were of EU standard where all in use.

So we decided to go to HOL BYOD and take a lab while charging the laptop. While there a vRealize Network Insight lab was played with while discussing vRNI use cases and where and when it has been used in customer environments.



After that I went to the Certification and Education area to pick up something special for the vRops Specialists – That I am. I nice cap in recognition of my vRops skills 🙂

I then rushed to Hall 8 again to watch Heino Skov deliver a session on NSX and vCD and how Proact has used these tools amongst others to build our Hybrid cloud solution – Again ran into some people and had a chat, before getting into the session which has a fully packed room! Great to see so much interest for these products from other partners. The session went great, and after a there were quite a line to ask more questions. The session has been recorded so if NSX and vCD has your interest or I you want to know how multi tenancy can be delivered including NSX to customers, check you the recording when available.


That ended my partner day – Now it was just a rush against time to get to the next social gathering. Arrow ECS’s catamaran cruise outside the coast of Barcelona. Getting a cab was not an option, both due to the holiday and due to the 400ish people in front of us queuing up to get a cab. We ran for the metro, which went smooth. Quite easy to get around and use, by the way you can pick up a free metro card in the information just before the badge registration to you right.

We got to the hotel, got changed and walk down to Port Vell. We only just managed to get on the boat before it sailed – But what a great event. I even managed to get soaking wet and has to borrow a blouse so I would not catch a cold as we docked and sat down for dinner.

We had a great dinner, talks, more drinks (not for me though), sang a birthday song for another colleague of mine and ended up in a bus back to the hotel where most people ended the night again with drinks at Obama.


Missed a few parties, but got home again 🙂 Gonna nap now and get ready for VMworld when the fun really starts on Tuesday. For me that is general session, UX workshops and a talk with Mr. Denneman around VMware Cloud on AWS.


Goodnight and I’ll see you at Fira


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