VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 1

This is day one – I can only feel a slight disappointment, that there were no major announcement. Let me start by recapping the day…

I started in VMVillage where I found a coach and moved it in front of on of the big screens. Comfortably watching the general session, but what a disappointment, a copy of US general session and no major announcements. HCX a new product was announced, I am very much looking forward to seeing how this shapes up and how it stacks up against Zerto’s offering. It looks very much like a Zerto clone, but lets see what happens.

After general session I ran around the Halls trying to book a meeting room, for a meeting with Frank Denneman, I never managed to get a room 🙁 but still had a scheduled meeting 🙂

I then ran for a UX session on vSphere life cycle. This is an NDA session, so cannot say much about it expect that I was the only one in the session and talked about the challenges with vSphere life cycle and what I do to work around it and what VMware could do to fix it. Would be interesting to see what come out of the session 🙂

I felt that these sessions were some what hidden, so I asked about it and got the answer that it was the first time in Europe and they would like to see if it could aid them and their customers. Overall it was a very good session and we could most differently had used some more time.

I now ran for my meeting with Frank Denneman. I had two colleagues join me, but as time had dragged out, I was late for my next session. So I ran back for another UX session this time around VMware Cloud on AWS. Cool session and great talks about how is works and what to expect. This time is was joined by two others from the customer site.


I finished my day at the conference seeing the “Top ten things to know abour vSAN”. I had a few talks with people before I went outside and grabbed a taxi. I got home dropped my bags of and got ready for “Nordic get2gether”, where other nerds from the nordic counties were all to getter. I got some food and something to drink

I then left for Veeams party at Shoko club. All I will say is that it was a great event I met a lot of people their and had some great fun, before heading home just after midnight.



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