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Upgrade Log Insight

Now that Log Insight 1.5 has to be come GA, its time to upgrade. So what new in 1.5 ? Among the most Important are:

  • Active Directory support for authentication
  • Significant query performance improvements by optimizing the execution of common queries
  • User interface for upgrading from previous versions of Log Insight through Administration UI

The rest can be read in the release notes here


Note the last bullet – Cause this is not how its done on 1.0, more on that later, first we need to have a look at security! (and if you haven’t downloaded the rpm file, now would be a good time to do it)

If you haven’t been logged in the the Log Insight via SSH and you really should have, you need to do this first! – Cause at the moment there’s NO password for the root user – as in, it’s blank. So quickly change that, note the password policy.

Now to the upgrade part – first you need to upload the rpm file to the Log Insight server, I use WinSCPbut just use your favorite SCP client and upload the file to the /tmp diretory

Now ssh to the Log Insight server, use putty or which client you prefer. Now lets get the upgrade going, basically change directory to /tmp, stop the loginsight service, install the rpm and last start the service again – See the commands below.

cd /tmp
service loginsight stop
rpm -Uhv loginsight-cloudvm-1.5.0-1435442.x86_64.rpm
service loginsight start


Thats all! Now go to the Log Insight url and verify the upgrade



Congratulations and enjoy the improvements.

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