Troubleshooting with vRops part 1: vRops Capability

vRops 6 have been out for a while now, and with that a lot of great things have come, depended on your vRops license that is.

In this first part of my performance troubleshooting vRops series, I going to start slow by looking at the three editions of vRops. It is essential that you understand that there are thing which can’t be done as part of this blog series if you don’t have the right edition. I will try to highlight that during the series.

Blog series

vRops Capability

The below show the different capabilities of the three vRops editions. I’ve borrowed the slide from this slide desk here

vRops Capability map

From a day to day operations perspective the most notable features that you would miss out on, having a vRops Standard license, is creating your own dashboard and reporting and with reporting also comes scheduling. If scheduling is a big thing for you or your firm, this is differently a feature to think about getting. Another feature is monitoring of vSphere stack and application and lastly compliance and regulation requirements, might also be a reason to go beyond the standard license.

A compare section is also to be found on vmware.com

That all for the first part, in the next part I will look at how to start performance troubleshooting.

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