VMworld 2017 Europe – Day -1

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We with all the talking and alcohol consumption, I forgot to eat enough 🙁 Today was tough! I got a little later than expected to the conference center. Checked in which went fast and walked down to Hall 8. On the way I met numerous people, had a chat with a few of them, making me late for the session is was aiming for, before finally bouncing into my colleague Heino Skov. Being late and all I joined him and went back to the VMvillage where we went hunting for power outlets. Note to VMware, we are not in the […]

VMworld 2017 Europe – Day -2

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Passport: check Credit card: check Plane ticket: check   I’m here in Barcelona! From the airport straight to the hotel and straight to Hotel W for partner briefing for the nordics. The first two hours were hard! No news, just a we are awesome speech! Hope the gonna up their game, cause this was a waste of time. It was followed by an hour of mingling with the other partners. It was great to see so many old faces 🙂 Then came dinner and the peak of the night was meeting partners, customers and friends at Obama, right next to […]

VMworld 2017 Europe – Day -3

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As I’m writing this I’m still at home. Haven’t finished packing. Well I have emptied my pockets in my jacket and cleaned out in my l aptop bag, but the suite case is still 100% empty. Just put the kids to bed and gonna go downstairs to have dinner with my wife. I’m flying in tomorrow. There will be plenty of time to pack tonight. Touch down in BCN is around 14:00, before it all goes down. I’m hoping to have time to write a blog post everyday during VMworld. Only time will tell if I actually pulls this of […]

[Danish] Arrow Podcast – Tips og Tricks inden du tager til VMworld 2017 (1)

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Arrow Podcast Som en del af Arrows blogger board, er jeg blevet inviteret til at snakke om det forstående VMworld i Barcelona.  Sammen med Frank Brix Pedersen og Rasmus Haslund snakker vi om VMworld, hvad du skal huske, hvor du skal være og hvad du skal se. Dette er også en enestående mulighed for at høre Liselotte Foverskov folde sig ud på flydende Catalansk og os andre blive skolet i det.   I dette første afsnit af Arrow Podcast kan du bland andet: Lære Catalansk Bliver kloger på VMworld Høre Frank og Rasmus dele røver historier fra VMworld   Podcasten […]