vMotion fails at 14%

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I was in the process of upgrading all the hosts in a cluster, I was down to the last two in the cluster, when the last few VMs failed during the vMotion. vMotion fails at 14%, operation timed out. I tried a few things but no matter what the VMs failed. So I had two host, host A had one VM left on it and host B had four VMs. Both of them started out with having about twenty VMs each on them. So what had happen… Had vMotion so how “broken down”, was there something wrong on the network, […]

Consolidating datacenters

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There is truly many ways and approaches to do server/datacenter consolidation… What i’m sharing here is just one way to do it, for one customer. But it has been done in so many ways for other customers – simple p2v and v2v from customer site in to the datacenter and onto more advanced approaches where some of the data is mirrored in via SAN replication/mirror and the rest is p2v or v2v’ed into datacenter. Like i said there are many ways to do this… What is this project, well quite simple it’s all about moving 800 VMs from one datacenter […]