vRops Symptoms & Alerts – Disk usage

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Doesn’t seem like everybody really understands how good and how big a change vRops symptoms and alerts have gone through since version 5.x. vRops 6.x has an whole new way of informing about the status of an object which is called a symptom and on the alert side, symptoms are used to give the alert the correct properties to ensure that the alert carries the weight it ought to have. This way we can eliminate false positives, which is never wanted when doing monitoring. When that is said, vRops is only a monitoring tool. It doesn’t know how you would […]

Troubleshooting with vRops part 2: Summary and Symptoms

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In the first part of this series on vRops, I talked about vRops capabilities compared to the vRops edtion. In this part I will start to dig into how you should start looking at a problem the vRops way. I my self have fallen victim to, all too quickly jumping over to the “all metrics” tab, and start throwing graph up on screen to see if I can find the cause of the issue. The problem with that method is that it is highly┬áinefficient and like looking for a needle in a haystack, it can take quite some time and […]