Installing vRealize Network Insight

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  Network security has been at hot topic for years. In comes NSX along with micro-segmentation and one would think that security couldn’t be any hotter, but you’ll be wrong! Que vRealize Network Insight. This is the new black that everyone has been talking about and demoing. Who am I to not join in on the fun. If you want a short introduction to vRealize Network Insight please have a look at the article I did for Starwind. You got SDN, now what vRealize Network Insight architecture vRealize Network Insight consists of two VMs. The vRealize Network Insight Platform VM […]

No Syslog Server is Configured

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If you are running vRops and NSX, one of the mangement packs that is a must to install is the NSX management pack – On a side note remember to link Log Insight to vRops, that way when you install the NSX management pack in vRops, it will also install the NSX content pack in Log Insight and setup the alerts in the NSX content pack and forward them to vRops. The NSX management pack delivers both NSX network information as well as traditional network information from switches via SNMP and CDP/LLDP. It helps to provide better to understand of […]

50% Discount on VCP-NV

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VMware has just announced, they are running a 50% off campaign on VCP-NV exam. This is great news for all interested in learning and get certified in the new NSX certification track. The discount is valid through June 30, 2015, so there is still some time to get ready for the exam.   The Path to VCP-NV There’s the usual requirements for taking the exam(with a small exception): 1) Not VCP certified – Take a NSX course 2) Current VCP – No course requirement 3) Current Cisco Certified – Verify your certification and your are good to go. By the way if you […]