Part 2: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D deep dive

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 TOC Part 1: The NUC killer: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D Part 2: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D deep dive Part 3: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D 2 years later Part 2: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D deep dive In the last post, I wrote about the SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D in comparison to Intels NUC series, but also covered networking and the reason for me buying into SuperMicro over NUC. In this next part of the serie. I am going to dig into the E300-8D’s technical specifications, show case its good and bad sides and talk about noise and power consumption. A closer look at E300-8D from the […]

ESXi IOStats – vmkmgmt_keyval

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Just wanted to do a short post about vmkmgmt_keyval, as I think most admins only uses this tool for getting HBA driver/firmware versions, but you get so much more than just that. There is different forms of statistics in there, per target, per lun and block size. So first what is vmkmgmt_keyval ? vmkmgmt_keyval is an ESXi command which can be executed from ESXi’s direct console user interface (DCUI) or via SSH, in both examples you get access to ESXi Shell. The way I’m going to use vmkmgmt_keyval, is with an “-a”, after, just like in the example here: “/usr/lib/vmware/vmkmgmt_keyval/vmkmgmt_keyval […]

vMotion fails at 14%

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I was in the process of upgrading all the hosts in a cluster, I was down to the last two in the cluster, when the last few VMs failed during the vMotion. vMotion fails at 14%, operation timed out. I tried a few things but no matter what the VMs failed. So I had two host, host A had one VM left on it and host B had four VMs. Both of them started out with having about twenty VMs each on them. So what had happen… Had vMotion so how “broken down”, was there something wrong on the network, […]