New challenges

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After working around ten years in the public sector I have now moved on, and from the 1th of June I now work at Nordea, which is a large financial corporation in Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe. This have made me contemplate what I’ve been through the last years. Which is some thing I often forget to do in the heat of the battle, trying to push onward. It has at times seemed like nothing was possible and that everything has been at a complet standstill. Luckily this isn’t the case, and in this first post I’ll give a […]

Yet another ESXi pxe boot solution

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Yet another pxe boot solution Hopefully this isn’t just “yet another pxe boot solution” – It may not be as smart as puppet or chef, but hopefully you come to see that this is at least semi automated and a bit clever. So what sets this apart from so many other pxe solution/kickstart. Well first of it a custom build if you will, meaning its tailored to the environment, in this case it means HP C7000 enclosures and network documentation in excel spreadsheet. So if you run HPs C7000 enclosure and your network team just loves excel spreadsheet, this might […]