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Running Log Insight on Ravello

Continuing in the same track as the last few blog posts – It now time to get Log Insight up and running in the cloud. Unlike the last post on how to get vRops up and running on Ravello, where the main problem was getting vRops uploaded and setting a static ip. Log Insight threw a hissy fit and didn’t install at all. So starting from scratch, this is Running Log Insight on Ravello, the how to guide.


Uploading Log Insight to Ravello

Just like with vRops you need to change vmdk geometry in order to get Log Insight uploaded to Ravello.

Start by following this guide –  How to change VMDK geometry

Then upload the ovf to Ravello


Running Log Insight on Ravello

I have configured my Log Insight with two CPUs and four GB of memory, this should be plenty for testing.

The first thing we need to do is reset the root password, as I don’t know what the “default” is, as such is not part of how Log Insight is installed, for security reason. So in boot menu append the following, just by typing when the boot menu appears.


Log Insight Boot Ravello

Then press “enter”, to boot into shell.

When the shell prompt appears type:


The password is only used temporary and can not be reused later, so create a temporary password.

Log Insight Reset Password Ravello

After the password have been reset, type:



The appliance will now reboot and once booted again, login with root and the temporary password we created before. When you see the below screen just hit “enter” and let it finish booting.

Log Insight Boot Compliance Ravello

Now we need to set a static ip address as Log Insight isn’t the found of ip changes.

This can be done by executing the following command:


Log Insight VAMI Config_net Ravello

Log Insight VAMI Config_net Default Gateway Ravello

We need to go through most options to set ip settings correctly, as shown above start by choosing option two.

Then option three. Then option four. Option five is not required, but if needed, go ahead. Lastly choose option six and set a static IP address.

Log Insight VAMI Config_net IP Address Ravello

Now you can verify your settings by choosing option zero, else choose option one to exit.

Log Insight VAMI Config_net Network Settings Ravello


Installing Log Insight

Now it’s time to get Log Insight installed. First we need to create a directory where we can mount the disk which as the installation files.

Log Insight Installation Ravello

mkdir /tmp/loginsight

mount /dev/sdb /tmp/loginsight

Now we are ready to start the installation, change to the directory and the kick off the installer

cd /tmp/loginsight


Once the installer is done, Log Insight is installed and ready. The VAMI splash screen should be filled out with standard Log Insight IP info and text. If the splash screen is just two colored, the installation didn’t finish correctly – aka you did something wrong, go to the start of the installation part of this blog post and do it just as I wrote you should. The installation takes about 20 minutes.

Once installation has finished, rebooted and all – You end up at the VAMI splash screen – Press ALT+F1 to get to a console. As part of the installation of Log Insight, root password has been cleared, so there is no password for the root user! Login using root and just hit “enter” when asked for password and once again for “old password” and now you should be asked to set a new password for the root user. Do just that.

If you want to remove the boot splash screen telling you, your running Log Insight on an unsupported platform, ie. not ESXi, run the following command:

mv /etc/init.d/boot.compliance /etc/


That’s all! Now point you browser to the ip address of the Log Insight node and follow the setup instructions. This part is dead simple. Enjoy!

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