Nordic VMUG UserCon – Be there or be square

It’s once again time for Nordic VMUG UserCon, the largest VMware event in the Nordic and once again we welcome our Nordic brothers and sisters to a day packed with sessions, fun and mingling with fellow geeks and the like . The agenda is already live, only the sponsor sessions are now a mystery. You can check out the agenda here.



I will do a brief recap of how the agenda looks from my point of view.

First speaker is Paul Strong, I have never been in the audience when Paul has been speaking, so can’t really say much more, then I’m looking forward to hearing what Paul has to say, as a VMware CTO.

Then comes a break and it’s time for breakout sessions with the sponsors. As the sponsor sessions haven’t been named yet, I can’t really comment on them, but looking at the sponsors I’m sure there is going to be lots of good sessions form them as well. There are some old timers in between, like HDS, Veeam, Bitdefender, Arista and Brocade. A few of the sponsors that I don’t know of like Webroot and ReVirt, will be interesting to hear what they bring to market. Then there are a lot of “new blood” like Nutanix, Tintri, Pure Storage, Violin Memory – Which all have there own take on how storage should be done right.

If I should highlight three sponsors that I think you should check out, it would be Micron, cause I’m curious to see what they are up to in the land of flash. Also check out Pernix Data, bringing caching and intelligence to the data center. The last one is Proact, which isn’t a vendor as all the others, but they are heavily committed to the journey to the SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) and the hybrid cloud model.

Next breakout session includes two well known speakers, Mikael Korsgaard, who presented his session at VMworld earlier this year, on VCSA and Duncan Epping which will do a session on VSAN, both session will be interesting.

Then it’s lunch break, before Paudie O’Riordan and Ole Agesen take the stage. Paudie’s session are usually very technical and Paudie does a great job at explaining how the tech works – So if you wanna hear a tech talk and not just a management talk from people in suite and tie, this is a session to sit in on.

I have been recommended to sit in on Ole Agesen’s session, so I will be skipping Paudie’s this time around.

Bare with me second to last breakout session – This one is going to be a tough one, three good speakers – Cormac Hogan, does a storage talk. Christian Mohn know from vSoup and vNinja.net, is going to show you how to migrate from VCS to VCSA. Lastly Joerg Lew has as session on vRO. Like I said tough choice.

Almost at the end of an awesome day, it’s now time for vRops 6 Operational Deep Dive, with me – Sorry William Lam, I will make sure to sent a few people your way 😉

There you have it, a packed day in the cloud and before we end it all we are going into deep space, with Andreas Mogensen, the first Danish astronaut. As tradition dictates it closing reception afterwards with vBeers, Pizza and giveaways.


Registration and wrap up

So if you haven’t already registered, for this jam packed day, be sure to do so now – Registration here


I hope to see you all on the first of December, at the hotel Scandic Copenhagen, located close to Copenhagen Central Station and Vesterport Station. Both within walking distance from the train stations. To a day with lots of good sessions and community.


See you all soon.

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