New challenges

After working around ten years in the public sector I have now moved on, and from the 1th of June I now work at Nordea, which is a large financial corporation in Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe. This have made me contemplate what I’ve been through the last years. Which is some thing I often forget to do in the heat of the battle, trying to push onward. It has at times seemed like nothing was possible and that everything has been at a complet standstill. Luckily this isn’t the case, and in this first post I’ll give a short intro to a problem and how it was solved.


After having worked as a sysadmin on VMware and infrastructure in general for many years, I move from being a jack of all trades to being solely focused on VMware about three years ago. Working with VMware one can not just forget everything about infrastructure, as problems has its way of finding one, at least this is how I see it. This has some how become the platform which from time to time seems to be the first place people point there fingers at and not rightfully if you ask me. But I will have to say that I don’t find it as annoying as I use to done some five years ago. The main reason being that it has become quite easy to troubleshoot infrastructure issue at large. Products like vRops and especially Log Insight have made troubleshooting almost to easy. Most time you will get the facts that, nI at least can point the finger at a unique problem, which most of the times doesn’t have anything to do with VMware but will just be one of the infrastructural pillars on which VMware and other platform relay on.

I have now taken another step away from infrastructure and to some extent away form operational tasks, as I’ve joint Nordea as a Subject Matter Expert, from now on there will be more time to the fun part of the VMware life cycle namely design solutions to meet the high demands of a large bank.

As my role change so will my blog post, but only for the better. Stay tuned.

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