New challenges

Once again I find my self in the situation where I have not blogged in what seems like ages, around four month now. Once again for every good reasons, besides the occasional travel and vacation. Just got home from three weeks in France with the family. It is not like I have not tried, I simple have not finished all the open blog post I have yet, this one will make the exception. So I am looking forward to a fall of more blogging and as the title says new challenges.


This also means a goodbye to Proact, my former employer, for which I have two really exciting years at. I met a lot of challenges, grew as a consultant, started as a co-leader for the Danish vRops User group, which seems to be growing and growing. Talked at customer events at VMworld, at Proact events, lots of VMUG sessions talks and the list goes on. All in all I was in front of customers and tech people a lot, it was a challenge, but always fun!

New challenges

In March I started a new role at Nianet, a B2B ISP focusing on delivering fibre to businesses and with that comes the need for datacenters and a colo, private/public cloud business was born. I was hired as a VMware architect and automation specialist. So far I have been looking into designing new cloud environments and building an automation platform from scratch, on which we can do the real automation tasks.

Three month in, Nianet was bought by GlobalConnect, one of our rivals. No bad blood, it is all good 🙂 I knew that going in, so no biggie. I will soon have a new office to work from, but also some new colleague and some even bigger challenges. GlobalConnect is a lot like Nianet was, just bigger (for good and bad). That also means they have bigger challenges, but as they are well founded in network, which for me always seems to be the biggest pain. It is challenges which can be overcome. You most likely know the tools already, vRops, Log Insight, NSX, vSAN, vSphere and the list goes on. All of this is of course it be able to build the best cloud platform for our customers.

So am I up for the challenge? You bet.


So with that:

Hello, my name is Michael and I work for GlobalConnect.

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