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Log Insight content pack for HPE OA

This content pack as been living a quiet life over at loginisght.vmware.com for quite some time now and it is now ready to enter the main stage. Or at least I found the time to write about it.

I love Log Insight, it is the one product from VMware, that YOU can truly enhance day by day. It just keeps growing and getting better and better with the more time you invest in it.

It not even a lot of time that is needed, just enough so that you get to understand the structure of the log and can setup the logic needed.

The content pack I created needs to have HPE Onboard Administrator sends its log to Log Insight. This is quite easy to setup, all you need is to point the syslog settings in HPE OA to the Log Insight.

HPE OA content pack

There is three dashboards in this content pack. The overview dashboard is meant to give you a quick overview of events and potential problems in your HPE OA environment, which you can dive deeper into. This should be your go to dashboards for troubleshooting issues with HPE OA.

The changes dashboard shows you changes made in the environment and also who made the change. It shown over time and by which user did what.

The last one, is the authentication dashboard. As the name suggests, here you can see who logged in, failed attempts, source and trending events. In short all you need to make sure you know, “who, what, when and where”, did it.

All the goods can be download from github, with the link below.



This is all for now, if you like it or is missing something, please leave a comment in the section below.

ps. you need to extract the zip file to import the vlcp file


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