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Log Insight API calls Appendix

This is not a too lengthy blog post. It basically a copy/paste of routes file which is part of the Log Insight API. I have include both the 3.3 and 3.6 version, for comparisons. This is only meant as an educational blog post. It will give you an idea to what is possible with the Log Insight API, not just query wish, but also management wish. In order to make this work you have to follow the general guidelines for the Log Insight API and how to connect to it. As I haven’t done a Log Insight API blog post yet. I will leave you with a link to Steve Flanders blog on how to use the Log Insight Query API. http://sflanders.net/2016/04/20/log-insight-3-3-query-api/

This is as the title suggest just a way to get an overview of the possible API calls. Hope this will have some one. Good day.

Log Insight version 3.6 API calls

Log Insight version 3.3 API calls

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  1. Most of that routes file describes internal, preview or deprecated APIs, so you probably don’t want to rely on anything it says staying the same between versions. You can verify any individual interface via the “Warning” headers in the HTTP response.

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