I’m speaking at Nordic UserCon 2015

Nordic UserCon 2015 is coming up fast, less then a month now. If you haven’t already seen the agenda, have a look here at my previous blog post.

I’m holding a session about vRops. The title is vRops Operational Deep Dive – So I’m not going to talk about xDB, vPostgres or Cassandra, as I don’t wanna do a techinal deep dive. In my opinion, vRops is a product where you shoudn’t really care about how it works. Just know it works, how to deploy it and how to use it.

This is after all the operational side of things I’m going to touch on, so no more talk about the technical components of vRops.

What can you expect then ? Some talk about do’s and don’ts, meaning thing you might not know about vRops. After that I’m going to look at lot more at how to get good use out of vRops and what you can do with it.

Hope to see you at the Nordic UserCon in Copenhagen. If you haven’t already registered go do it now. Registration for Nordic UserCon

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