Running vRops in vCloud Air

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Lately I have been using quite some time on a lab environment which I had running in vCloud Air – There were two reasons for using vCloud Air, first one was to test it and see how it was to run something like this on the platform – I must say I was pleasantly surprised, compared to other cloud services vCloud Air seemed a lot faster, just like running a VM in an internal datacenter. The second reason, the one that got me on this track to test vCloud Air was a promotion to test vCloud Air and get some […]

OVFtool wrapper for vCloud Air

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Lately I’ve started using vCloud Air. That’s is a new experience for me, being used to using the fat client for a vSphere environment – The vCloud Air is a different experience, not bad, just other ways to get the normal day-to-day operations to work. One of the things I have played with is OVFtool, which is a command-line tool to upload ISOs and VMs to vCloud Air. Working with long command-line strings can be a bit annoying, as small typos quickly breaks things and it can be hard to spot the single digit error somewhere in the long text […]