How I stopped worrying and love vShield Endpoint

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Antivirus gone bad with a little help from vShield Endpoint This was all the rage some years ago, offloading antivirus operation from the OS to the hypervisor with a little help from vShield Endpoint. To be honest I really like the idea. But after what I went through I would think twice before doing it again. Not saying it’s a bad solution, but the way the vendor implemented their own solution begs for questioning, why on earth?! Don’t they even know their own solution. The history goes… Like I said offloading antivirus with vShield Endpoint and scanning all vms at the […]

Yet another ESXi pxe boot solution

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Yet another pxe boot solution Hopefully this isn’t just “yet another pxe boot solution” – It may not be as smart as puppet or chef, but hopefully you come to see that this is at least semi automated and a bit clever. So what sets this apart from so many other pxe solution/kickstart. Well first of it a custom build if you will, meaning its tailored to the environment, in this case it means HP C7000 enclosures and network documentation in excel spreadsheet. So if you run HPs C7000 enclosure and your network team just loves excel spreadsheet, this might […]

Validate SSL expiration date

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Every x years ssl certificates need to be renew for the vSphere infrastructure. So in order to do this I needed a way to validate SSL expiration date. Well the thing is I don’t know an automated way of doing this. I started by look around google to see if there wasn’t a smart guy who had already done something like this and it turns out there is, so please put your hands together for Vadims Podans and is blog post Test remote web server SSL certificate. With credit due, I’ll continue with my small contribution. How to validate SSL expiration date What Vadims have […]

Maximum vDS ports per host

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First of all its been awhile since my laste port and for that I apologize. Maximum vDS ports per host Some settings are just left default, maybe because it seems to be of no use/harm, maybe because it seems sufficient and some are just left default as the consequences of changing them are unknown. Well I guess this is just one of the problems where all of the above fit right in. You may know that there are some limitations of whats supported by different vSphere components – and this is were the problem in question comes to play. When you […]

Correcting Multi Path Policy

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Correcting Multi Path Policy(MPP), is some thing i had to do recently – The story goes… The storage team had brought in a new storage array/vendor and started making datastores from that, now a few hundred datastores later, someone noticed that some path where highly utilized while others again was hardly used at all. So after looking into this, it was desisted to change the Multi Path Policy to RoundRobin as per the vendors recommendations and best practices. While making the script for this I noticed that some local disks were already set to RoundRobin where they were suppose to be […]

Log insight – vCOPS Content Pack

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Log insight – vCOPS Content Pack Log insight’s vCOPS Content Pack was released together with vCops 5.8, this content pack lets you get the same great insight into your vCops environment as log insight provides for your vSphere environment. There are three tasks to setting up vCops content pack for vCenter Log insight. Downloading and installing the content pack. Setting up vCops to syslog to Log insight. Connecting Log insight to vCops, so that Log insight can send alerts to vCops. Downloading and installing vCops content pack for Log insight If you have not already downloaded the content pack, lets start […]

Bulk create vSwitch networks

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I blogged a bit about this in the Consolidating datacenters post. As part of moving a customers VM’s in to our datacenter, the network and storage was streched and host deployed in our datacenter was presented to the customeres vCenter, so that it was a simple (s)vMotion, that was all that was needed to move the VM’s from customer site to our datacenter. Simple, fast and effective. All this was only possible because the customer still used the standard vSwitch – As our datacenter uses the distributed virtual switch, I created this script in order to stadalize how network was created […]

Reset VM reservations and limits

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I was moving a customers VM’s from their site via vMotion into our datacenter, and one of the problems you can run into is with reservations and limits. There may have been valid reasons for having limit and reservations, but they can also be the root of performance problems. As this was not the case with this customer, I created the one liner below in order to remove the reservation and limits.  

CIM error

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I was trying get some hardware info via CIM, the other day and ran into this error message: Get-CimInstance : The response that the WS-Management service computed exceed the internal limit for envelope size. At line:4 char:12 + $Logical = Get-CimInstance -CimSession $Session -ClassName CIM_EnabledLogicalEle … + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : LimitsExceeded: (root\cimv2:CIM_EnabledLogicalElement:String) [Get-CimInstance], CimExce ption + FullyQualifiedErrorId : HRESULT 0x80338049,Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimCmdlets.GetCimInstanceCommand + PSComputerName : hostname After googling the error i found a lot of site pointing to this command – winrm set winrm/config @{MaxEnvelopeSizekb=”1024″}   which needs to be run as admin. Only problem it doesn’t work on windows 7/2008+… […]

Batch rename of VMs

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The other day a consultant came by my desk. He had a problem, the 400 VMs we just move from the customer site in to our datacenter; The backup jobs were failing for most of the VMs. He had looked into it and it turns out that Symantec Netbackup, which is what is used, is case sensitive and the VM names were all a mix of low, high and low and high cases. So the backup team had to recreate the backup jobs, but before they did that, the consultant asked if it wasn’t possible to rename all of the […]