Yet another ESXi pxe boot solution

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Yet another pxe boot solution Hopefully this isn’t just “yet another pxe boot solution” – It may not be as smart as puppet or chef, but hopefully you come to see that this is at least semi automated and a bit clever. So what sets this apart from so many other pxe solution/kickstart. Well first of it a custom build if you will, meaning its tailored to the environment, in this case it means HP C7000 enclosures and network documentation in excel spreadsheet. So if you run HPs C7000 enclosure and your network team just loves excel spreadsheet, this might […]

Scrap Lab – Home lab for the cheap

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There I said it, I’m cheap, at least when I can’t go all in. Let’s face it, we can’t all have an enclosure with eight or sixteen blades in it as a home lab, and it would be nice to have at least 32 GB of RAM per host, well it would be down right nice to be able to have 64 or even 128 GB of RAM. But I can’t! Even thought I really would like to, having this kind of equipment at home, is too noise, expensive and would require a lot more maintenance, than I would have time […]

vSphere audit trail with Log Insight

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Had a talk with a former colleague of mine, a month or two ago, about a customer that wished to use Log Insight to do audit trail of there vSphere environment and if this was possible. My first reaction was I couldn’t see why it shouldn’t be possible to do audit trail with Log Insight. I mean it’s getting it’s logs from the different logs in a VMware environment so it should be pretty easy.   A week or so later I had a moment and looked into if it was indeed possible – As it turns out it is, […]

Nordic VMUG coming up

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In about a months time the Nordic VMUG is on, this is the second time its to beheld and as last year it going to beheld at Bella Center. So mark the date, the 20th of November and go register at the end of this post. The agenda is nothing less then awesome, a mini VMworld if you will, with the who’s who of VMware and vendors. Just to name a few Frank Denneman(PernixData),  Kamau Wanguhu, Duncan Epping, Chris Wahl,(Wahl Network), Paudie O’Riordan and as vendors go major plays will be both at the exhibitor area and on stage, companies like Pernix Data, Veeam, Brocade, Cisco, […]

Your VMUG needs you

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Your VMUG needs you The Nordic VMUG event is soon to beheld and for this your community needs YOU – After two VMworld events were vendors and vmware guys and gals havde done there best to make you fork money at them, it time to stop selling and start learning, and nothing is better than hearing what the community is doing with this cool tech. We want to hear from you, what have you been up to? – Virtualized AIX with your own real time compiler, build some thing awesome you just have share, or are you just a lone sys […]

#VMUGDK Log Insight presentation

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Today I did a VMUG session at the Danish VMUG event in AArhus – Back to the roots – This event were all community session. Meaning it wasn’t the posh likes of Duncan Epping, Cormac Hogan etc (Name your favorite posh VMware tech guru blogger / Tech marketing guy / Action Figures). That were presenting but regular customers – Some maybe #vExperts   So below you will see my presentation togetter with the videos I made for the Log Insight presentation at #VMUGDK – Hope it’s still some what use full even though I’m not there speaking over the presentation/Video. […]

HP Onboard Administrator LDAP Authentication

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HP Onboard Administrator LDAP Authentication This is a bit out side of what I normally write about, but it still deals with IT and to be honest I used quite some time figuring out how this work, as the documentation is extremely poor in this regard. But once you have figured out, what the developer thought was a smart way to implement this, it is actually quite simple – Not brilliant, but it works and for most cases very well.   Getting started with HP OA LDAP Authentication Default HP OA comes with a default Administrator account (yes its case […]

Validate SSL expiration date

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Every x years ssl certificates need to be renew for the vSphere infrastructure. So in order to do this I needed a way to validate SSL expiration date. Well the thing is I don’t know an automated way of doing this. I started by look around google to see if there wasn’t a smart guy who had already done something like this and it turns out there is, so please put your hands together for Vadims Podans and is blog post Test remote web server SSL certificate. With credit due, I’ll continue with my small contribution. How to validate SSL expiration date What Vadims have […]

Log Insight Snapshot Content Pack 1.1

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Good news everybody! There’s a new version of my Log Insight Snapshot Content Pack, it’s only a minor update, but non the less is thought I’ll share it with you all. So whats new – I’ve added a COW Heap depletion dashboard to help troubleshoot.   If you wanna know more about COW heap, please check my blog post about it.   You can download the uploaded Log Insight Snapshot Content Pack 1.1 here    

Doing COW math – Copy on write snapshot heap

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Been some time since the last blog post and I apologize for that, but it only because off happy circumstances, I became a father, for the second time to a healthy boy 🙂 So I have had some time off to be with my family. Well with that sorted lets move on to the topic of the day. Doing COW math Hope you have been doing your VMware COWs math… And here I’m of course talking about copy on write snapshots. Some time ago now got a few service request stating the some services were down for some VMs (50+). There were nothing obvious wrong, […]