A general runtime error occurred – Adding vSAN Witness node

I have just reinstalled my homelab. vCenter deployed on a new vSAN datastore and a second host added to my small 2-node vSAN cluster. Only thing missing was adding the vSAN witness node, and I would be ready for business.

Right click “add host”, type in IP. Click next. Type username and password, next. error!

A general runtime error occurred.

What the, what! What does that even mean! Next deploy Log Insight, there must be a clue in the logs some where… nothing! Arrrggg!

So I remembered having issues last time as well. What was it… can’t remember… Well I think I had another cluster where I added the node to… but why would I do that and would it even work. I mean can I add the host to another cluster? Well worth a try.

Right click “Create new cluster”. click right “add host”, next, next, next, done. Ohh but WHY?!?!

Hmm let me see if I cannot drag and drop the host to the vSAN cluster. Right click “Enter maintence mode”. Drags host to vSAN cluster. error!

The host’s CPU hardware does not support the cluster’s current Enhanced vMotion Compatibility mode. The host CPU lacks features required by that mode.

Arrg! Well that makes sense. Me, Disable EVC on cluster. Drags vSAN witness node to vSAN cluster. Hooray it works!

So hopefully now when I google “vSAN A general runtime error occurred.” next time I find this blog post, to remind myself, do be like Michael. Do not enable EVC mode in a two node vSAN cluster!

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