50% Discount on VCP-NV

VMware has just announced, they are running a 50% off campaign on VCP-NV exam. This is great news for all interested in learning and get certified in the new NSX certification track. The discount is valid through June 30, 2015, so there is still some time to get ready for the exam.


The Path to VCP-NV

There’s the usual requirements for taking the exam(with a small exception):

1) Not VCP certified – Take a NSX course

2) Current VCP – No course requirement

3) Current Cisco Certified – Verify your

certification and your are good to go.

By the way if you are already VCP certified(DCV, Cloud or DT), you could also just skip VCP-NV and go straight for VCIX-NV which has the same requirements is VCP-NV. The same do apply to CCIEs.

You can read more about VCP-NV and VCIX-NV requirements at VMware’s mylearn portal

Get ahead with NSX

There’s already a lot of useful sources of content for NSX out there. There are of course the official courses fx. VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.1], which was just released and is a 5 day course. But what I find more interesting is the different blogs, here’s just a few of them.

Elastic Sky – Resources include practice tests and a great link collection

Rich Dowling – A run down of VCP-NV blueprint

Cloud Fix – Exam experiences + links and video

The Saffa Geek – Another great links collection, including links to vBrown Bag VCP-NV series

Bertello – Last Bertello have some great original NSX content to better get an understanding of how different aspects of NSX works (For dummies guide)


50% Discount on VCP-NV

The discount code is VCPNV50 and as stated earlier it valid through June 30, 2015. You can read more on terms and conditions here


50% Discount on VCP-NV

Hope you all make it, I know I’ll do my best.

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